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Welcome to my blog on building an achievable O scale proto48 layout, the Dominion and New England Railway. I hope you enjoy following along with construction of the layout and my attempts at model building to fine scale standards.

Achievable layouts are a recent trend that has really been around since the Paul Larson era at Model Railroader (See the Iron Ridge and Mayville layout plan, June 1954 MR). The idea is to plan a layout that features enough complexity to be interesting to build and operate but not so much to be overwhelming. They are usually around the wall or shelf designs. Staging and fiddle yards are often a part of an achievable layout keeping the builder’s focus on just a particular scene or two.

But let’s get to the real purpose of this blog – the Dominion & New England Railway. The D&NE is a proto-freelanced New England shortline set in northern Vermont in 1953. The concept is an amalgam of many influences: my home town Washington and Old Dominion Railroad I grew up rail fanning, the St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County, the Montpelier & Wells River, the Boston & Maine country branch lines in New Hampshire and the Canadian National branch lines in Ontario.

These railroads speak of moguls, ten-wheelers, GE 44 tonners and 70 tonners, mixed trains, milk trains, 40′ boxcars, covered bridges and country settings.  Trains are short. Operations are slow paced. An achievable layout concept – I hope!







5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I’m an N scaler doing roughly similar…welcome to my neck of the woods! Except mine is centered aroung the Mumford river…a feeder into the Blackstone River Valley, between Worcester, MA and Providence RI.—in roughly the present day. 🙂


  2. Followed Gene’s link to your blog and like what you are doing.

    We lived in Reston VA from 1999 to 2004 and my office was across the street from the ROW. We toured the entire length of the W&OD – I have plans for the restored Purcellville station. Our daughter lives in Vienna VA and we cross the W&OD trail every visit.

    I also have a P:48 70 tonner in storage that I will probably sell when my POD gets here next month. My dreams of a SG empire have run afoul of my 50 years of NG fever and retirement budget.

    I look forward to more of your postings.

    Bill Uffelman


    1. Bill, thanks. Yes, I grew up in Vienna and remember when Reston was being built. My late first wife was living in a condo right on the town square when I married her.

      Let me know about the 70 tonner when you’re ready to sell. Maybe we can work something.


      Wayne Slaughter


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