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SONC 2017

Just returned from the 2017 Scale O National Convention in Enfield, CT. Had a great time! Met up with my good friend Jack Keene, an O scaler from Severna Park, MD, who’s building the entire D&H in O scale. An achievable layout? Well, maybe for Jack! He’ll be on the tour at next years SONC 2018 in Rockville, MD.

I went there on a mission to find a Wabash mogul or a CP D-10. As luck would have it, both were in attendance.

In addition to a NIB Sunset D-10 there were 4 Wabash mogul kits and 2 built-up. I ended up buying one of the built moguls from Stan Richmond. For the most part, it’s in pretty good fettle. Don’t know when it was built but Kemtron released the kit in 1959. I plan to convert it to proto48 by machining the wheels and narrowing the gauge. Then re-motor it, add lights, DCC, and sound. I’ll strip it, do a little detail work and repaint it as D&NE 10. This baby will be the star of the show. Someday I’d like to have another.


Here it is at head shunt in St. George.


David P. Morgan and Phillip R. Hastings chased the surviving pair on the Wabash in 1954. Here they are in a Hastings photo in the book, “The Mohawk That Refused to Abdicate”. Light rail and bridges kept these moguls alight when all other steam was gone on the Wabash.


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