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Peterborough, New Hampshire

My roadbed from Cascade Rail Supply should be shipping today but what to do in the mean time?

Peterborough is hardly an hour from home so my wife and I took a trip today to see what was left of the railway. I didn’t remember that there was much but I hadn’t had the focus I have now. I’m particularly interested in finding photos of the station and other near by structures. I’m not modeling Peterborough as such but these will be good guides for freelance structures for St. George.

Armed with my MR Planning 2000 (with that nice article by Randy Brown) and a hearty breakfast from the Red Arrow diner in Milford, first stop in Peterborough was the Toadstool book store. It happens to be located right on the old station site. I wanted to suss out a copy of Peterborough Then and Now or whatever for railroad photos. Nothing to be had there so up the street to the Historical Society. There they had a nice pile of photos, most of which I hadn’t seen. I copied many of them and include a few below.

The south end of the station showing the express office.
B&M B-15 mogul 1461 parked in front of the station. (I hate to brag but it’s a product of  Manchester Locomotive Works just a few miles and many decades from where I sit.)
Peterborough station from the rear looking northeast. I think this was taken during a fan trip in 1958 after passenger service was abandoned. Notice the Budd car.
Cavender station, a milk stop north of Peterborough. This is a must have scene somewhere up the line!
The perfect turntable for St. George.

Before lunch, we had a look at the old bridge piers south of the station where the tracks spanned the Nubanusit River right at its mouth on the Contoocook River. The site is very overgrown but I rolled up my jeans and waded out a bit to get a few pics. I have a similar scene planned for St. George. Two tracks crossed here. The track at the rear had a turnout on the bridge. And so will the one in St. George.

Looking end on at one of the center piers made of granite blocks.
Here are both center piers. One has a large concrete patch.

Afterwards, we looked around a few of the shops in what was once the lumber building that backs up to the Nubanusit River just beyond the bridge site. The freight house is there too, now a healthy lunch spot. But we opted for the old Peterborough Diner at 10 Depot St. I’ll have the chili.

Peterboro Diner





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