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Prototype Track continued…

I thought a field trip to the end of the Hillsboro branch might yield track work in a more primitive state. Well, not really. But it was worth the trip. These photos were taken in Greenfield. Between the Milford & Bennington and the Wilton Scenic railroads, remedial track repairs have interspersed newer ties, many with tie plates, between the older ones. The switches seem to be the same as in Wilton and may be much as they were in 1953.

I did verify that the rail is 5″ tall which makes it 75#. If the mill mark is any indication, it was drawn in 1898. Guard rails and some other switch details are different than Right-O-Way’s parts. I may build a few masters and cast some of these details in resin. All the switches I saw were #10. The ties are largely faded gray and rotten but they wouldn’t be back in 1953. Mine will be well worn but have a little more color.


Who needs tie plates?


#10 frog


Notice the gauge plates. The rail braces are adjustable. The turnouts have tie plates but not everywhere.


The guard rail does not have clamps but is heavily braced on long tie plates.


Love the switch stand.



30 miles to Keene – most of it on foot!.











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