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The Bumper Stops Here

The freight house siding in St. George needed some sort of bumper stop to prevent errant cars from straying onto Railroad Ave. I choose the Hayes Cushion Wheel Stop for this siding and the public delivery track. The Hayes type SF cushion wheel stops (a.k.a scotch blocks) have been around forever (there are patents stretching back to at least the thirties) and are still made by Western-Cullen-Hayes. Lucky for me, Scale City Designs also makes them in a size more suitable to the D&NE. I picked up a few packages from their table at the Strasburg O Scale Swap Meet a few weeks ago.

See Western Safety Products WCH Type SF Wheel Stop

and Scale City Designs Hayes Wheel Stop – O scale 2 rail

Here are some photos I took a few weeks back of Hayes wheel stops at the end of a decrepit spur on the ex-B&M Hillsboro branch in Milford, NH.

And here are mine on the end of the freight house spur. Notice the big face up against the tie. It directs the force of a run away car into the roadbed.


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