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The Vision Thing


Looking south from the tail tracks at St. George. Track is abandoned after the road crossing.

I’ve spent the afternoon spiking in the tail tracks at St. George (4 spikes per tie), adding joint bars and detailing the turnouts. Still have quite a ways to go but it felt like time to take a look at the scene and try to visualize the end product.

The top photo looks straight down St. George as you would see it entering the layout room. The road (maybe “Railroad Ave.” rather than Main St.) is marked out with art board but will be constructed with light weight spackle as Mike Confalone demonstates in his videos. Track is abandoned at the crossing so the few inches on the near side will be quite decrepit and weed grown.

The caboose is spotted in front of the station as it would be after the local arrives and the locomotive runs around the train. The inbounds are parked on track 2 and the outbound train will be assembled on track 1 as switching progresses. If this was a mixed, the combine would be spotted there.

A box car is spotted at the freight house and in the distance a milk car is at the creamery (you have to use your imagination). Construction of that front siding will begin after tracks 1 and 2 are completely detailed all the way to the French River bridges. I’ve decided to replace the feed mill in the plan with a creamery as it generates traffic every day. Midway will be a simple feed storage shed and then the coal trestle.

Looking north.

The northward view shows the public delivery track to the left (west) of the station and you can barely see a black hopper to the right of the freight house at the location of the future coal trestle .

The blank wall to the left will have a series of building flats mostly up to eye level. There was a five story basket factory right behind the station in Peterborough at one time and I may do the same — well,  maybe only three stories.

I composed this scene with specific things in mind. I wanted a classic shortline terminal look, a slightly curvy track plan, no lines parallel to the walls or layout edge, and a somewhat busy center funneling to the river crossing. I’ve mentioned Paul Larson’s Mineral Point (MR Dec’59) as an inspiration. The 3 parallel tracks crowded between buildings come from Morrisville, Vt on the St.J&LC. And, of course, the overall look is based largely on Peterborough, NH, the end of one of the B&M mogul branches.

I know these grab shots look pretty ratty. I did at least move most of the tools and junk off the layout. Sometimes I need to stand around and do the vision thing to see in my mind’s eye just how it will all come out.


4 thoughts on “The Vision Thing

  1. Layout is coming along nicely!
    Rule at our layout construction sessions was we had to run a train at least a few feet before wrapping up just to get the feel of it.


    1. Well, Bill, the 44 tonner is on the workbench waiting for new crossboxes so I can finish its conversion to micromotor power. I’m very anxious to run something. Pulling that gon around with a string just isn’t doing it.


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