Layout Construction

Progress on the Layout

September has been a busy month to say the least. Finished up a software contract I’ve been working on since December and then had my gall bladder removed. Fully recovered from that and over the last few days have been able to get back to my much neglected layout.

Picked up a sheet of tempered masonite at Lowes and had it ripped into 8″ strips for fascia. Installed the first 20′ or so around St.George up past the French river. Putting this edge on the benchwork really starts to pull the scene together. I thickened up the benchwork around the creamery area as it was looking tough to get space for a good structure there. Also planning to build a large corrugated shed much like the one in Peterborough between the creamery and the coal drop. Decided to terminate Railroad Ave. just past the crossing as a truck park for the freight house. The scene will drop past there so the coal trestle can be modeled more convincingly.

Coal trestle site. That’s the Monson Jct.  freight house from my 2′ days filling in for the creamery. A large corrugated shed will be located in between.
Helicopter view of the area. The freight house will likely be the first structure I tackle.
Removing the pop out gives good access to the crossover and station scene. Note how the freight house base projects over the pop out.


Adding to the benchwork for the creamery site has made the public delivery track back near the station a lot more difficult to reach during operation but I decided to deal with that. Maybe a two step kitchen ladder will suffice.

It’s nice to be back on the layout itself. I have a few workbench projects going but the layout is what drives everything. Can’t wait to get some switching going in St. George.



4 thoughts on “Progress on the Layout

    1. Gene, I can reach trackside of the freight house from the end of the scene too. It’s that public delivery track back by the station that has me worried. Wayne.


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