Delta Lines Memento


Traveled down to Marlboro, Mass., last Saturday to the NMRA Hub Division train show. Haven’t been down in a few years. Spent quite a few hours strolling the aisles and checking out the operating displays.

One fellow had a few O scale pieces for sale and what caught my eye but a Delta Lines caboose! I gave it a good looking over and it seemed genuine. On the bottom was the following tag:

“Orig: Delta Lines caboose by Frank Ellison from M. Philbrice Bridges, Westwood, MA Keystone Canyon R.R. 1981.”

Speaking with the gent I gathered this was his father’s. He did not know anything about Frank Ellison and the Delta Lines being too young and maybe not that interested. He came down to a reasonable price and it was mine.


I remembered that the Delta Lines was sold to someone in the Boston area in the 1950s but was heavily damaged in transit. So it wasn’t surprising to see a piece of rolling stock at a Boston area show. And as far as the provenance of this piece, that’s all I have. I think it’s genuine. It will stay on the display shelf a treasured keepsake of a bygone era.


Here are a couple of brief articles about Frank Ellison:

Wikipedia: Frank Ellison

Frank Ellison and the Delta Lines


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